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Consulting and VCIO Services

Samtechs team members working out of your office!


Samtechs team of strategic technology advisors can ensure the investment you’re making in your infrastructure drives your company into the success!

The Chief Information Officer plays a crucial role in most medium to large companies.  How a company uses their technology plays a crucial role in a company’s ability to stay competitive today’s global market. Samtech’s VCIO associates will spend the time to learn how your company operates and how technology can increase your productivity.  Our VCIO’s will help your company:

  • Oversee the development of company platforms
  • Create business value through the technology your company implements
  • Create technology budgets and plan future projects
  • Create and implement IT policies and procedures
  • Create Disaster and Recovery plan
  • preform Risk analysis

With VCIO or Consultant from Samtech you get a technical business partner to make the right technology decisions for your team!